Trivial Features

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The bot contains some, as I like to call them, trivial features. All the features that have only very limited ways of configuration are gathered here.


When this option is active (you can enable that on the main bot screen), the bot checks every 5 minutes for new incoming attacks, and renames them.


Sleep Settings

This can be an essential feature when oyu plan to let the bot run most of the time. In order to prevent too accuracte patterns on your farm-routine, many users wished for this feature. You can configure it on the Home-Screen of the Bot's Webinterface, and enable/disable it on the main client.

Important: When the bot is sleeping, no scheduled attacks will be send!


  • Sleep every: Frequency in minutes you want to pause the bot.
  • Sleep for: Length of the time the bot should sleep on average. Infact the real "sleep"-delay will be randomized from a range starting by 0 reaching all the way to twice the provided setting.

Paladin Training

The bot will train your paladin 24/7 with the maximum of time/exp, which is usually the first option. You can enable or disable the paladin training for each individual village, by using the Map of the Webinterface.