Scheduled Attacks

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This feature really shows the flexibility of this bot. You need to snipe and attack/support in a close millisecond window? No worries the bot got you. You need to send those highly accurate attacks during the night? Well, with this bot you can do that, while being asleep.

Schedule Attack Context Menu


  • Sent Attack from: Select a village where you want to send the attack from.
  • Attack Template: Select the attack-template to send on this attack. You can use -1 inside the template values to send all units of that type currently in the village.
  • Type: Select if you want to schedule as attack or support.
  • Send Time/Land Time: You can either change the date of arrival or send time. The two times will sync after each change. Please also set an attack template before you change the times, as it wont work otherwise.

Workbench import

You can easily import hundreds of attacks that the bot will work through. Please note, that when sending a lot of attacks in a small time window (lets say 5 minutes), the bot can get very slow and thus loose accuracy.

If you want to import your attackplan, please note the following things:

  • To open the menu, go to your scheduled attacks overview in the sidebar, and there click "Open Workbench Importer".
  • Export your plan with extended BB-Codes.
  • If you are on a world wihtout milliseconds, make sure to add then to the departure time.