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While many players need to invest a lot of time to get the important resources from scavening, you can use this bot to automate this process very easily.

Scavenge Context

Important information

This feature is defintely one of the more complex ones, hence its important that you carefully read this article to prevent misunderstandings:

  • Make sure that all "automatic" unit types that you activated are researched in each village.
  • Make sure that all options that you want to scavenge are unlocked.


By holding "Shift" and clicking villages on the map, you can select multiple villages (of your own) to easily apply the same setting to a lot of villages.

  • Select options: Select the option you want to scavenge for this village.
  • Units per option: Either select the unit types in automatic mode, or set an attack-template for each individual option.
  • Maximal trip duration: Maximal duration of the automatic scavenging trips.

How does the automatical scavenging work

On start, the bot will take all units of the selected type that are currently in the village and calculate the "optimal" split for each option. Generally, the bot will make each option equally long - there have been other implementations that perhaps were more efficent, but this is by far the most secure one, and also easy to manage. When the scavenge trips are finished (each village gets tracked individually), the bot recalculates and basically executes the same logic again.