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Farming is probably the most important and the same time most repetitive task in the game - perfect to automate it ;-)

Here you find the describtion of the Farm-Assistant Method, that as the name implies works directly with the Farm-Assist Feature Ingame, or the Normal Farming that is best for farming players, which is not possible with the ingame farm assistant.


A screenshot of the farm-assistant settings.

The Farm Assistant is the perfect way for inconspicuous botting. Since so many people use the feature intensively, you won’t arouse suspicion even with shared commands. At the same time, you can farm more than anyone else. Random delays and special parameters make sure that you wont be detected easily.

To enable this feature, left-click on a village on the map of the Configuration website, and then select "Enable Farm-Assist" on the context menu.

Home-Screen Parameters

  • Repeat every: Define the interval in minutes where this function is launched and thus the villages are attacked.
  • Use Template A until: This tells the bot when to use which of the two (usually named A and B) ingame templates. Units are in fields.
  • Max distance: The maximum distance a village should send out attacks for. This is helpful if you have villages that are far apart from each other.
  • Delay between attacks: Delay in milliseconds between the indivudal attacks, 250ms should be the minium, I recommend slightly higher.
  • Delay between runs: This randomly generates a number in the range of min and max delay that will be your additional timeout in minutes, on top of the "repeat every" interval.

Normal Farming

In my experience, this feature provides you with the most resources, and therefore gives you the biggest lead. Put some effort into finding inactive players in your area, as this can give you a big boost in the beginning. At the same time, try to not clean to many villages on your own, as you need as many units as possible and clearing villages with default def units can be quite expensive in the early game.

Screenshot of the normal farm settings.

Home-Screen Parameters

You can find these settings by navigating to "home" inside the Configuration website.

  • Repeat every: The interval in which the bot starts the main routine. Note that each attack plan still has its individual reattack time!
  • Delay between attacks: Sleep time between attacks. The lower you set this number, the more attacks youll be able to send. Lowering it too much can also look suspicious!
Screenshot of the normal farm menu.

Individual Parameters

This context menu opens, when you right click on a village and click the option "Plan Farmroutine".

  • Selected Villages: You can mark multiple villages, by holding shift and left-clicking on the villages on the map.
  • Village to send attack(s) from: Select one of your own villages where you want to send the attack from.
  • Attack template: Link the Attack Template.
  • Reattack time: Define the interval in minutes of the farm routine.

How to find inactive players

Identifying inactive players is extremely important. Use the tribal wars map and set the Highlight Mode to “Defend”. Now possible players will be marked in color. Have a look at the statistics yourself, and then decide if you want to attack them. I always recommend to scout before you attack, as you don’t want to lose unnecessary troops because of carelessness.