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This feature will help you to make use of the resources gathered through farming and scavenging. In order to keep your unit production and main building as busy as possible, is this configuration screen a bit more complex. You have three priorities, which can be either recruiting, building or coin minting. As the name implies will the bot start with the first priority, and if there are enough resources left, continue with the second and then with the third (if all three are activated).

On the home-screen you can set the Account Manager Delay inside the Delay Settings. This will tell the bot how many minutes to wait before running the logic again.

Account Manager Context


The template that you assign to the selected group of villages will be the target amount. The bot will calculate the unit which is currently furthest from reaching that specifed goal and will focus it, until another unit requires more attention. The bot checks your barracks first, then the stable and lastly the garage. Note that the bot will always try to make sure that the barracks are running first.


  • Recruiting Time: Time in minutes your barracks, stable and garage will be busy. Additionally to the recruiting time, does the bot always add another 30minutes on top of it.
  • Train Template: Select a Attack-Template, which in this context will work as Train-Template.


Similar to recruiting, the template defines the target state. The bot will calculate the biggest distance between current building level and defined target level, and will continue building that building, until another is further away from its target.


  • Building-Queue: Tell the bot to put a maximum of X villages into the Building-Queue.
  • Build Template: Select a Build-Template.

Coin Minting

When activated, the bot will try to mint one coin every iteration.