Introduction to the web interface

You can find a complete list of the bot features with many details about each one.
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The web interface

New users might be surprised that the configurations are now taking place inside the web interface. I decided to implement this in order to make the configuration more accesible and user friendly. As already stated in the general usage thread, can you also - at least partly - remotely control the bot. If you for example need to schedule an attack without access to your pc, you could easily do it from your phone, or any other pc.

I recorded a video introducing the main components of the web interface, continue reading if you need to look up a specifc function.

Attack-Template are essential for most settings. You'll need one as unit recruitment template, for manual scavenging, farm attacks and scheduled attacks. Note that whenever you use an Attack-template to send units, you can use the placeholder -1 in order to send all available units.

Similary to Attack-Tempaltes are Build-Templates essential for building.

Scavenge / Farm / Scheduled attacks
As bigger accounts have to many villages to comfortably manage them through the map, you can access these pages for get a better overview. Each of these pages basically consist of a list of your villages and all the properties regarding that specifc feature. Use the individual feature pages in this forum to get to know more about the meaning of individual parameters.

The map is going to be the component you'll spend the most time with. Each of your own villages is marked with a yellow dot, enemies are red, barabrian vilalges are grey and members of your tribe are marked as blue.
In order to configure the bot for a specifc village, you can simply click on it, or hold shift and mark multiple ones at the same time.

OwnVillage Context Menu.png
OwnVillage Context Menu.png (124.19 KiB) Viewed 11164 times

The context menu that opens after clicking will give you access to the indivudal features. Please note that the menu is different depending on the village type. If you click - or if you have makred only enemy villages - you'll get a different menu.

EnemyVillage Context Menu.png
EnemyVillage Context Menu.png (47.82 KiB) Viewed 11164 times

This feature is supposed to help you, as only the available options make sense for the selection of the current villages.
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