In case you wish for any features in the future you can do it here! Please make sure that each topic will represent only a specific request.
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I've been thinking about a feature. Indeed, sometimes our farm don't come back because of the walls in the barbarian villages.
My question is, would it be possible to create a feature where the bot sends 1 scout (from template B for ex.) to the villages where our farm died.
Then after we have information about walls, the bot would automatically send some troops with rams to destroy those walls. (amount of rams/troops depending of wall level.
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A similar approach which may be easier to implement would be to have an option to include scouts on every attack.
If the scout identifies a wall then the next attack should automatically include rams sufficient to destroy the wall.
That way you dont need to wait until your farm attack dies, it just demolishes the walls whenever they are built.
It slows down the one attack with the ram but the rest can continue at normal speed.
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This should be the #1 request
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I see what you mean, and i already have some ideas. Nonetheless will I probably put a hold on the feature requests, as ill have to restructure the bot to make it more user friendly. Many new users still have issues with the basic configurations.
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Hello, I up this thread. At least an option to not atack babas with walls would be really good, because when I scout to see the level of the wall, the bot will start sending units and they ll die.
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