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Tribal wars Scripts

Scripts for Tribal Wars are famous for quite a while. Usually, you can find approved scripts in the official tribal wars forum and install them with something like Tampermonkey. But the question is, how helpful are these scripts really?

Firstly, Tampermonkey requires you to have the browser tab open, and even most of the time just assists you during your manual actions. Wouldn’t it be cooler, if you could somehow progress in the game, even when you are away from the computer? Well, search no further, this bot offers everything you’ll ever need to automate the basic tasks of tribal wars. Find out more about it here.

Tribal Wars Fake Script

Granted, Fake Scripts can be very essential in tribal wars. Especially when you have a lot of villages, a fake script generator can save you a lot of time. But then yet again, you’ll have to sit in front of your pc to actually send these attacks as well.

There are two really famous scripts: FXUtility and Dsworkbench. I am currently working on writing an import function, so you can plan your fake attacks in these tools and then use the bots function to send timed attacks to work through the list. Yes, again the bot takes advantage of the existing Fake Scripts for Tribal wars and provides you even further ease of use.

Tribal Wars Farming script

Farming is probably the most important task in the browser game. Without a good farm, you won’t have many units yielding a big disadvantage in almost every aspect of the game. Whereas existing farming scripts try to help you, but still require you to actually farm each village by hand – fair enough, some actions are as quickly as a single mouse click – the bot can farm 24/7 for you. Yes, you have read that correctly, and even further does the bot include additional logic for the farmassist, that currently not even a script has implemented, find out more here.

Comparison from a user’s perspective

After playing years of Tribal wars in my High School period, I had an problem when I entered professional life. In all those years I used to stand up 10 to 20 times a night for sending attacks and improve my influence in the game. I tried to fix this with using tribal wars scripts in Tampermonkey. Due those scripts where very nice to have and made a lot of nights for me easier I was still searching for the ultimate solution. Those scripts were never combined to one package, this did cost me always more time than I would want as I would like to sleep at night before I needed to go to work.

On a forum I saw Tribal Wars Bot advertised, I thought to myself let me try this. The Tribal Wars Bot fixed the time issues I had during the day and night. I was able to play for the world victory again as I did many times in the past.

Yes, it is possible to automate your account with certain scripts but this always means you need to know something about the scripts to let them work for each other. Most people don’t know how to do that which makes you still do manual actions on times you are not available. Just like a tribal wars fake script can be a huge help, they don’t completely take the effort away.

As most of you people know it is important that your barrack and stable are always running, I have an office job which didn’t make it possible for me to recruit troops during the workday. Therefore, I started to use the bot.

I also had another important issue to tackle, when I was offline, I would never farm as this was not possible. This made my players around me to grow quicker than me which made it harder for me to work to a world victory. The bot made me do farm assist while I was offline and never overflow my storage as it would build more troops.

Those two points were very important for me to continue playing Tribal Wars. Without it I could never found the time to play it competitive. But during the use of the bot, the developer of the bot was updating the bot so often and putting new features in which made my Tribal Wars career even more fun and even more competitive towards existing tribal wars scripts!

Often, I have noticed that some tribemates sleep through there alarms and forget to send the clear or fake to an enemy during a Mass attack. The bot made my life so much easier, I could just make my plan through tribal wars fake script generator and use to format it to a format so the bot could use it. This was really nice to have as all attacks would be sent and none were forgotten. This all without me wake up in the middle of the night to send an attack.

While I got a mass attack on my account, I did find out that there was an incoming tagger and did found out it was really easy to send support.

The incoming tagger is possible to tag every incoming attack, you can put the frequent how often he check yourself. This is very handy when you are often attacked.

Also as most of you, people know there are people who use a lot off premium points recently, to be able to go with them this bot has a feature to buy and sell resources to the market. This is what I do to be able to keep my premium points production as I use it in worlds I play competitively. I haven’t seen any tribal wars script performing that well yet.

All in all its possible to use farming and fake scripts to make it possible to automate some things. But if you are not able to do all manually or doesn’t want to do everything manually I would advise you to use the bot. Again, it is possible to use scripts and automatize such things but that is more time-consuming.