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Tribal Wars Farming Bot

Next to some other very essential features does this bot include a farmbot. You can farm both via the normal command place, as well as via the loot assistant. Regarding the Speed of this tribal wars bot: Its as low as it can get. Read the coming passages to get to know more about the bot.

Using the Loot Assistant

If you need to farm a lot while being stealth because you have shared commands with your tribe, this is the best solution for you. To get started you need to activate the FarmAssist-Checkbox in your settings

Furthermore do you have a FarmAssist Delay Parameter. This option serves two purposes: Firstly the bot will go through each village every X (in this case 5) minutes and does the attack routine. Secondly does this settings also works as the reattack time, meaning that the bot is going to attack each village only after 5 minutes again. Each village is being tracked individually, preventing other your other villages from attacking the same target multiple times without that delay in time. The attackDelay option allows you to set a random delay around that number to make the tribal wars bot less obvious.

More settings can be found by clicking on the “FarmAssist”-Button on the bottom right corner.

These settings allow you do enable the Option C with given criteria. Note that if you check both boxes for option c, the bot will only send with option C if spys are available and the sum of estimated resources is lower than the specified number.

Once you did all of these settings you simple need to right click on the villages you want to use the FarmAssist and hit “Toggle Fa”. Each active village is marked with an icon.

Thats it, for setting up the Farm Assist Function for very efficient farming in tribal wars.

Farming Guide for Tribal Wars

The lootAssist is a very powerful feature, but especially in the first few months of the game, inactive and cleared player villages have much more resources than most barbarian villages. With this tribal wars bot can you also farm these villages very accurately. Here are the steps you need to do. Firstly you need to enable “farm” and set a attackDelay as well as farmDelay. The attackDelay servers the same purpose as with the Loot Assistant, and the farmDelay is the delay time between the routines. After you enabled the FarmOption you need to add a new attacktemplate with proper id and description so you can easier identify them later. You can define multiple templates to farm more efficiently.

The next step is optional, depending on how you want to farm. In case you really want to farm alot of villages the integrated FarmHelper might be your solution.

Here you can select a radius where your currently selected village is the center. Then you can decide if you want to include barbarian villages and or player villages within a specific point range. The bot will then select all the matching villages on the map for you. Note that only those villages will be selected that are not farmed currently. This allows you to set up really easy farming by radius. If you only want to attack a few specific villages you can also selected them by hand.

Either way you can now do a rightclick on the map and select “Set Attackplan” causing the following window to appear.

Here you can check again all the targets you selected, choose your desired attacktemplate and set a reattack value in minutes. In this example all the listed villages would be attacked each minute with the second attacktemplate. I recommend values between 5 and 60 minutes. Once you checked all of the settings, hit safe. You can repeat this process as often as you need, dont forget to hit “Safe All” in the top right corner when you are done configuring the bot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many villages can this bot attack?

The bot can roughly send about 4 to 5 attacks per seconds, thats something above 300000 attacks you can send. Although i don’t advise using the bot without the mentioned attackDelay out of security reasons.

Does this tribal wars bot offers other features as well?

Yes! Many others infact. Check out the start page to get an overview.

In what way is this different from farming scripts?

Farming scripts require you to take action or at the very least you being in front of your pc. This bot works completely in the background, allowing you to focus on other things than tribal wars.

Can I get banned for using this bot?

Long story short: Yes. There hasnt been a single ban because of the bot since 2018 and I try my very best to keep it that way. Please keep in mind that I’m not responsible in case you get banned.

Is there a trial?

To keep the detection as low as possible, the bot is not openly downloadable. Only customers get the bot to maintain high security measures.