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Tribal Wars Scavenging Guide

Scavenging is an important source of resources, especially in the early stages of the game. While “normal” tribal wars players often have to invest a lot of time to capture useful resources with this feature, you can go on raids 24/7 with just a few clicks. I want to give you a few tips on how you can set up the bot for this feature to get the maximum loot directly from the world start.


Raubzug Option

Right on the first day of a new world, you should explore the third option, and if possible, you can also buy resources from the depot and unlock them – the earlier, the better. Especially in the beginning, the first option is not worth it. It would be best if you only used the second and third options. Alternatively, you can activate your troops’ automatic distribution. It doesn’t matter if you choose the first option or not. The bot will calculate which distribution is the most reasonable one.

Interesting now is also the question of how many spears you should recruit, and whether the option 4 is worthwhile. The following graphic shows the income you can earn with the specific raids.

Übersicht der Beutemenge

On the Y-axis, you can see the captured resources, and on the X-axis, the number of spearmen. Since the fourth option costs more than 30,000 resources, I recommend unlocking it when relatively late. Contrary to the graph here, you should not build 2000 spears. I recommend a maximum of 300-400. Even though these are lucrative income options, light cavalry is worth far more. See the tips for FarmAssist and also for direct farming of player villages.

How the Scavenging Feature works

As you will often use this feature, especially at the beginning of the world, I would like to explain how it works. In the manual option, you assign one AttackTemplate to each option. As soon as the troops return, the bot will send the troops again.

More interesting here is the automatic function. First, choose which options you want to use, and then which unit types you want to raid. Please note that all troops of this type have to be at home because the bot takes the total number of units as a starting point. The calculation of the distribution is quite similar to the raid calculator of dmvandenberg.