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Farm Players

Even though the FarmAssistant will make up the majority of your farming success, it is worthwhile, especially at the beginning, to farm the inactive players with full resource stores. Here you can find out how to do it best.


The player villages give you the most resources on average, especially in the game’s early stages. Other players farm them only very irregularly. Furthermore, as you probably know, no player villages can be attacked via the FarmAssist. However, caution is advised: You increase the danger of being banned when players log in, and you see that you attack them very often (especially at long distances). They might report you, and you will be banned. To prevent this, at least partially, you can activate “Check-Reports” in the bot. If a yellow or red report comes back from a village, the bot will automatically stop attacking this village. This not only reduces your chance of getting banned but also saves you many units. In general, you don’t need to be afraid, bans are a colossal exception, even if you farm players aggressively.

How to find inactive players

Tribalwarsmap cout out

Identifying inactive players is extremely important. Use the tribal wars map and set the Highlight Mode to “Defend”. Now possible players will be marked in color. Have a look at the statistics yourself, and then decide if you want to attack them. I always recommend to scout before you attack. You don’t want to lose unnecessary troops because of carelessness.

Define an attack

Angriffs Fenster

Once you have selected the village or villages, you can set the attacks by right-clicking and choosing “Set Attack Plan”. In the dialog, you have to select an attack template, enter the “reattack” time, and choose your village of origin.

The attack template should contain as many troops that you can attack an lv 1 wall without (large) losses. Calculate the troop strength in the simulator. The reattack time determines the distance you want to attack the selection of villages. I recommend something between 10 and 45 minutes. Keep an eye on your reports here. If many attacks return with maximum loot, you should reduce the distance.

Farm Helper


If you have been playing on a world for a while, the Village Selector can help you. For example, you can mark all barbarian villages around you and send 1 scout to each village. This way you have all the villages in the Farm Assistant (click here to go to the Farm Assistant Guide) and can continue farming there fully automatically. Players can also be marked automatically, but I would be very cautious with that. You definitely don’t want to send many small attacks on a small village!