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Tribal Wars Farm Assistant

The Farm Assistant is a powerful feature in tribal wars that is designed to make farming easier for regular players. It is no secret that many top farmers use farm scripts. That’s why I have made it my goal to implement this feature better than anyone before.


FarmAssist CutOut The Farm Assistant is the perfect way for inconspicuous botting. Since so many people use the feature intensively, you won’t arouse suspicion even with shared commands. At the same time, you can farm more than anyone else. To make maximum use of the assistant, I have implemented two options. In the next part, I will explain the individual options and give you a guide for the perfect set of them.

Farm Assistant Settings

Basically, you have four options that you can set in the bot. Let’s start with the most essential options, the “Basic FarmAssist” and the “Advanced FarmAssist”. The primary method goes into each village as you are used to, reads all villages from the list, and attacks them one by one. The bot remembers which barbarian villages have already been attacked. This prevents direct double attacks.

More interesting, however, is the advanced setting, which works much more effectively, but probably involves a slightly increased ban risk. Here, the villages are simply selected from one village. So you have to display all the barbarian villages in each village. This list of barbarian villages is then run through step by step, and for each barbarian village, the next of your villages – with activated FarmAssist function – is calculated. If the next village’s attack is not possible, the bot will go to the next village and try it from there. As a result, your units will no longer have to travel extremely long distances and can therefore loot much more often and generate more resources.

Another option is the FarmAssist Radius, a simple yet very effective parameter for significant adjustments. As the name suggests, you can set a maximum distance for each village. If the target is above the distance limit, it will not be attacked. This check is also rechecked for each village. So if you have villages spread out over the map, you can still farm effectively.

FA-Reattack and the FA-Delay I like to summarize because these values are very similar. The reattack value indicates the distance between the villages to be attacked. The FA-Delay shows the distance at which the farm routine should be called.

My recommendation

By default, the bot attacks all villages with maximum loot with template B and the rest with template A. I recommend using only light cavaliers, and the best 2 for template A and 5 for template B. If necessary, you can increase the number if too many units die. If you want to know what to do with the other units, look at the scavenging guide, and the player farming guide!

FA-Reattack and FA-Delay should be in the range of 2-10 minutes to ensure that you get 90% of the village’s resources. This is due to the low number of units per template. The distance can also play a big role. I would advise you to start low and then gradually increase the value. You must have enough units to cover the nearby barbarian villages completely!