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Best tribal wars bots in 2020

There are plenty of tribal wars bots out there in 2020, but which one is the best? Bots like the Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot have a huge ban rate and cant bypass the tribal wars bot protection. By the time there have developed more bots with different structures. Read below to find out which bot suits your needs the best. I’ll also talk quickly about tribal wars farming scripts, which have a huge userbase, but also the biggest risk to cause a ba.

Quick comparison of the different bots

Check for a quick overview for the best tribal wars bot in 2020 the table below. You can click on the name of the bot to jump to my conclusion about it.

Farming Scipts



Ultimate Bot

TW Automizer

Works in
Farming Only Farm Assistant NO NO NO NO
Recruiting NO NO NO NO NO
Scavening NO NO NO NO NO
Building NO NO NO NO NO
Sniping Partly NO NO NO NO
Market NO Partly NO NO NO
Platforms Browser Windows, Linux, Mac
Windows Windows Windows, Linux, Mac
Headless NO NO NO NO NO
Detected Image Image Image Image Image

Tribal wars scripts

As there are many people using Farming Scripts for Tribal Wars, so they need to be covered at least to some degree in here as well. Even while i dont recommend using them, the LA Enhancer is a very popular script to help you farming via the built in farm assistant.

As you can see in the provided link, the Loot Assistant Enhancer Developers are not actively working on it anymore. Further is this script also blacklisted on some servers and can lead you to a fast ban. Other than most tribal wars bot’s these scripts cant bypass the bot protection system of tribal wars, making them an easy target for the support to target. There are many more tribal wars farming scripts, but in the end they all break down to do the same as the LA Enhancer Script, and are all very easy to detect and forbidden on many servers.

DSX1337 Bot

The DSX1337 tribal wars bot was launched in early 2016 and had a huge user base. The community was very active and also working closely with the developer, who apparently used this bot as his hobby project. The bot covered all the basic features, although there were some complaints of the limited parameters of the farm routine.

This not only enabled him to offer the bot for free, but also use some very advanced techniques for building the bot. For example did the bot bypass the tribal wars bot protection by imitating a mobile app. This exploit was very difficult to explore, but sadly got fixed from the tribal wars team. Having more than 1000 replies hin his Elitepvpers Thread proofed that there was a big demand for tribal wars bot, and most recently has been a inspiration to the developers of other bots.
Parallel to the huge ban wave because of the exploit fix, the developer went of sight and probably focuses on his personal life. It is not to be expected that this bot will ever come back to life again.


The FBOT is a Pixelbot for tribal wars with plenty of features, but sadly not allowing you to use your pc at all. The bot scans your desktop for images (like the image of the send button) and clicks them. Implementing logic to a routine is not possible, and this method is very outdated to use for botting, as errors are very likely to occur. Even tho this bot does bypass the tribal wars bot protection, its not very functional and easily outperformed by scripts for farming. This is the only bot of this list i havent been using personally, but you also cant seem to find many informations about this bot (including any pictures).

Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot

The biggest bot on the market for sure. Having countless features, using this bot requires more knowledge than playing tribal wars itself. The features are professionally implemented, but require a lot of cpu-power to run. The whole user experience can be a bit demotivating, because the UI sometimes lags, and just hast countless corners for a new set of settings. I think i’d find support from many users of the bot when i say that you wouldnt need to login to your account when you use this bot. But this feature heavy bot has also his downside: There seems to be countless number of bugs.

As you can see on the changelog of the Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot were there only 3 Updates in 2019, showing that this bot i slowly dying because the developer can’t put in enough time to keep it up-to-date or care about his customers. As you can see in the Forum of the Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot most posts are either of people complaining that they got banned or needing help for a bug. The bot is also detected on from the tribal wars team!

Tribal Wars Automizer

The tribal wars automizer was launched two years ago and is frequently updated since. It covers all the basic functions and some more advanced functions. The structure of the bot is very much like the DSX 1337 Tribal wars bot, but instead of abusing backdoors of the tribal wars app, does this bot fully focuses on security and only emulates desktop behaviour.

The TW Automizer is in many ways better than any tribal wars script, bc its very reliable and does not require any action at all. In contrast to the ultiamte tribal wars bot does it have a rather simple interface with a clear structure. Get to know more about the features here.