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Account Manager

The bot will bring you so many resources by farming that you would still have to be permanently active to avoid a full warehouse. To relieve you of this, I have designed the Account Manager. This feature can do tasks like constructing buildings, recruiting units, or even minting coins for you. Read on and learn more now!


The account manager currently offers three priorities: recruiting, building, and minting coins. The tribal wars bot goes through each priority. If it was successful, he moves on to the next one. Currently, the automatic request and sending of resources are under development. Villages that don’t have enough resources for the first two priorities will receive resources from villages that were able to complete all priorities with excess resources. Please add me on Discord and follow the update logs to learn more about this feature’s current status!

Besides the priorities, you can dynamically set different parameters per village. In the following, I will first explain the units, then the buildings, and finally, the coins’ minting.

Recruit Units

It’s crucial to use the barracks and the stable – often also the workshop – to their full capacity. But it would help if you also took care not to tie up too many resources because the main building also needs resources. For this reason, you can set a “Recruiting Time”. This time indicates the maximum queue time for the barracks, stable, and workshop (the bot charges an additional 30 minutes).

The AttackTemplates from the main view of the bot also serves as templates for the troops. The bot calculates the largest distance between the current number versus the target value and prioritizes the production accordingly.


As mentioned above, it is also vital that your main building is used to full capacity. Simultaneously, the queue should not be too long, because you might not have enough resources for the units. Equivalent to the “Recruiting Time”, you can set the maximum number of buildings with the parameter “Building-Queue”.

Again, the distance between the current building level and the defined level is calculated to decide which building should be built next. A special feature is that the farm is automatically expanded as soon as less than 10% free population is available. Also, storage is automatically extended.

Coin minting

The clearly most straightforward feature is that if the village has a noble court, a coin is minted there.