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Tribal Wars Bot

This Tribal Wars Bot is compatible with any Tribal Wars servers. It offers various features, including emulating real-user behavior and solving captchas on its own.  The functions are far superior to any Tribal Wars script, and it has been undetected since its release, making it simply the best bot on the market (works on any tribal wars server). For more information, please browse the website and access the links to find out more.



Most Tribal Wars scripts require user-interaction to perform farming activities. On the other hand, this bot, once configured, will automatically farm for you day and night with no user interaction. With the advanced farm-assistant/FA allowing scalability and flexibility along with the support of attacking player-owned villages automatically, you will be breaking PR’s daily.

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Farm Assistant

If you want to farm enormous amounts of resources with as little effort as necessary, you’ve come to the right place. The Tribal Wars Bot does everything for you, and even extends the possibilities of the in-game Farm Assistant. Please read the article to learn more about how it works and make the most of this option.

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Account Manager

With the Tribal Wars Bot, you will get so many resources that you can hardly spend them yourself. Therefore I decided to implement an account manager. This allows you to recruit units, build buildings, and mint coins.

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Yet again, all tribal wars scripts will require you to send the commands. This bot will track and time every single scavenge option. Maximum efficiency with no effort at all. You can simply define how many troops you want to use for a specific option and lean back. Alternatively, you can let the bot calculate the most efficient distribution.

Take a look at the scavenging guide »

Paladin Training

Having a high-level Paladin can be very useful for your village(s). This bot will automatically train your Paladin on the option with the most efficiency – the minute he comes back, he’ll be sent out again. Benefit from plenty of skill books.

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Many tribal wars scripts enable you to time attacks. This tribal wars bot can do the same, but better and more accurately. Schedule your snipes and send fakes in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. Additional Parameters and advanced calculations lead to high accuracy. You can also defend Noble-Trains with this feature.

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Even more built-in features of this tribal wars bot…


The built-in bot protection of tribal wars is not a problem. Captcha’s will be solved automatically, no need to ever worry again about them.


When you are farming 24/7 with this tribal wars bot on autopilot, it’s essential to frequently check for any losses.  To prevent many units from running into a freshly build wall, all yellow and red reports will be checked by the tribal wars bot, and the affected villages won’t be attacked in the future.

tribal wars server

In order to use the Bot for its maximum potential, you can run it on a very cheap virtual private server (VPS). This feature enables you to run the bot 24/7 and turn your pc off and save electricity costs.

tribal wars app

You can login on your mobile app while the tribal wars bot is doing the annoying tasks for you. If you login on the browser you’ll kick the bot out of it session. The bot will try to login after some minutes again. Since a new update, you can also use the Browser-Button!

tribal wars snipe

At this point you are asking yourself: Isn’t it self-evident when the bot attacks villages 24 hours a day? My tribal wars bot solves that issue with random delays between every attack. You can change the delay value to your preference.

operating system

Due to the architecture of the bot you can use it on every operating system. It also works for every tribal wars server!

How to get the tribal wars bot

Because this bot took a lot of time to develop, I can’t offer it for free. You can find the pricing table below. You can either pay via PayPal (the license key will be sent automatically to your Paypal mail) or BTC and Amazon Coupons. For the latter one you need to get in touch with me first, as those payments arent automatic.

Starting out

Get used to the bot and find out why its the best on the market.

Due to continous issues with paypal, it is not available as payment option anymore.
Please get in touch on discord if you are interested in the bot.

Get a Discount

Benefit from the discount and support my work.

Prices are 15€ for one month, and usually 40€ for 3 months. Anything above can be negotiated.

Long Term Support

Im always happy about long term subscribers. You’ll not only get a more significant discount but also better support, such as free setup of a server for the bot. Contact me for further details.

Update Log


Are you interested in using this bot? Add me on Discord to discuss further details, or contact me via the contact form. You can expect an answer within a few hours.


    Add me TW-Bot#2689.