Tribal Wars Bot

This tribal wars bot offers you a variety of features to improve your game. Undetected since release and many happy customers. Simply the best bot on the market. Better than any tribal wars hack, since the bot emulates real user behavior and can solve captchas on its own. The functions are also by far better than any tribal wars script, and it works on any tribal wars server.



Most tribal wars scripts require you to take action, this bot will do everything on its own after being configured. In the fastest setting are more than 125 000 attacks possible (delay as little as ~250ms) in a single day. The tribal wars bot can attack both players and barbarian villages.

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Yet again, all tribal wars scripts will require you to send the commands. This bot will track and time every single scavenge option. Maximum efficiency with no effort at all. You can simply define how many troops you want to use for a specific option and lean back.


This tribal wars bot will build your village fully automatically. You can define templates with target levels for each building. You can define templates with target levels for each building. The bot will start with the greatest difference from your target level, you can also set a target level above the max level of the building to make a priority list.

Unit recruiting

To use this function, you’ll require an ingame premium account. Create Groups of your villages (Group number 0 is for all villages) and use the built in mass recruit system, allowing you to set plenty parameters in order to train your units fully automatically.

Paladin Training

Having a high level paladin can be very useful for your village(s). This bot will automatically train your paladin on the option with the most efficiency – the minute he comes back, he’ll be send out again. Benefit from plenty skill books.


Many tribal wars scripts enable you to time attacks. This tribal wars bot can do the same, but better and more accurately. Schedule your snipes and send fakes in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. A function that no tribal wars script can offer. Additional Parameters and advanced calculations lead to a accuracy of ~0-4ms seconds. This feature is only for subscribers of 3 or more months!

Even more built in features of this tribal wars bot…


The built in bot protection of tribal wars is not a problem. Captcha’s will be solved automatically, no need to every worry again about them.


When you are farming 24/7 with this tribal wars bot on autopilot, its important to frequently check for any losses.  To prevent a lot of units running into a freshly build wall, all yellow and red reports will be checked by the tribal wars bot and the affected villages won’t be attacked in the future.

tribal wars server

In order to use the Bot for its maximum potential, you can run it on a very cheap virtual private server (vps). This feature enables you not only to run the bot 24/7, but also turn your pc off and save electricity costs.

tribal wars app

You can login on your mobile app while the tribal wars bot is doing the annoying tasks for you. If you login on the browser you’ll kick the bot out its session. The bot will try to login after some minutes again.

tribal wars snipe

At this point you are asking yourself: Isn’t it very obvious when the bot attacks villages 24 hours a day? My tribal wars bot solves that issue with random delays between every attack. You can change the delay value to your preference.

operating system

Due to the architecture of the bot can you use it on every operating system. It also works for every tribal wars server!

How to get the tribal wars bot

Because this bot took a lot of time to develop, i can’t offer it for free. A donation of 15€/$ per month is required to be allowed to use the bot. That license includes full support, automatic captcha solving and up to 3 accounts at the same time.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions or you want to get the bot.

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Are you interested in using this bot? Add me on Discord, to discuss further details, or contact me via the contact form. You can expect an answer within a few hours.


Add me TW-Bot#2689.