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Tribal Wars Bot

This Tribal Wars Bot is compatible with any Tribal Wars server. It offers exclusive features such as emulating human behavior and solving captchas on its own. For more information, please browse the website and access the links to find out more.
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Active Developer

4 years and counting

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Low Ban Risk

Safe Features

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Strong Community

Over 600 Members on Discord

Features of the Tribal Wars Bot

Learn more about the exclusive featurese of the Tribal Wars Bot –
Developed in collaboration with the community.

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Create a routine and this tribal wars bot will farm players and automatically go through your farm-assist targets.
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Scheduled Attacks

Whether one or hundreds of attacks, each attack is sent with millisecond precision. Getting up at night is a thing of the past.
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Let the Tribal Wars Bot automatically expand your villages, while keeping other priorties such as recruting in mind.
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scavenge feature thumbnail


You can continue to manually delegating all your troops or let the bot analyze and decide on the best division.
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recruiting feature thumbnail


Automate the unit recruitment of all villages including the duration of the training periods.
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Paladin Training

The Bot automatically trains your Paladin on the skill with the highest efficiency.
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Captcha Solving

Numerous bots have fallen victims of a ban, but not this one. This bot solves captchas like humans, resulting in very low ban risk.
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Inc Renamer

Getting a lot of attacks from enemy tribes? The Tribal Wars Bot automatically and renames them accordingly. No more surprises.
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Tribal Wars Bot Media

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Update Log

Since its release, the Tribal Wars Bot is frequently updated and undergoes feature-improvements as requested by the bot community.

Plans & Prices

All purchases are handled through Discord


price per 1 month

Payment methods vary


price per 3 months

Payment methods vary


price per 1 month

Payment methods vary

No Automated Payment

The bot is completely private!

Join the Discord server for all the updates!


Interested in using the Bot?

Add me on Discord to discuss further details. You can expect an answer within few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

The bot works on all servers, including speed and classical servers.

No there is no trial. I already build a large community that proofes the validity of the bot. I do not want to make it an open download to also protect the current users.

All controls and menus are written in English. The wiki is also maintained exclusively in English to make it easier for me to keep it up to date.

Yes you can get banned by using this software. However, I do my best to keep the bot undetected (that’s why no trials, for example) and so far *very* few have had problems. Meanwhile, some top players use this software without problems.